Haunted By Time

It’s cyclic, must be.

Flash back to 1984. My school up until then, St Colman’s, had amalgamated with the girls school across the road, Sacred Heart, to form a new co-ed secondary school, Notre Dame College (what a shocker of a site NDC!). Toward the end of the year we held some sort of sports carnival and I, along with a couple of mates (I think it was Joe and Simon, willing to stand corrected by those with a better memory). decided creating a time capsule would be a good idea to get of going to the sports day.

So the day rolls around and we’ve done bugger all about it. After the rest of the school left we raided classrooms and managed to find enough utter rubbish to fill two tubes. (we’d asked for a 30cm wide tube – the store didn’t have any so we got 2 15cm tubes instead. Nice logic there.) God only knows what’s going to be in there, we didn’t keep a list. The terrible thing is that there is, apparently, a plaque where we buried the damn thing and I’m told it has our names on it. I can’t remember when the opening date is, my only hope is that the there will be a highly localised earthquake that swallows exactly the one metre of earth and the plaque that covers it. Save that I may have to change my name in case they track me down and ask me to come to the digging up.

Flash forward 19 years and I was reminded of this today when the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron called to ask for a copy of their web site (www.bys-aus.com) on CD. It’s going in to a time capsule for twenty five years this coming Sunday. I’m going to have include technical information so some computer historian can attempt to recreate it in 2038. I’ll only be 58 when it’s dug up, maybe I should put my mobile number and email address in with it. Should be good for a laugh come its time.

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