The Great Ocean Road is long, and very bendy and when you have a new car that hugs the road and you pretend that you and the idiot behind you are in a race and that when the sign says this hairpin bend should be taken at 25 and you take it at 50 ’cause you safely can and this goes on for a 100 kilometres it can be a lot of fun. Trust me.

And when you are wearing a Canucks jersey and run in to a Canadian wearing a Canucks cap at the 12 Apostles and you end up having a good chat about the team’s fortunes you realise the world is a very small place.

And when you finish the day in Footscray with good Vietnamese after lunching in Apollo Bay and coffeeing in Port Campbell you realise that life is pretty good.

(And we couldn’t get a good price for Phee so she’s still with us.)

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