Home Invasion

We’ve had a home invasion.

Evidence has been found in the laundry, our bedroom and the hall way. This morning I was just in time to catch the culprit running out the back door but he was too quick for me.

Scar Face, a local tom who has designs on our Belter, is becoming bolder and bolder. This week I have caught him in Phee’s room, our bedroom, my office and in the laundry eating our kid’s food. Tom, the big wimp that he is, just sits back and lets him go where as Belter gets a little edgy but realises she would fighting outside her division. When home, we like to let the cats come in and out as they please but if the cheeky bugger keeps up these antics the door may have to stay firmly shut.

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  1. cheeky sod! you can buy those electronic cat doors which only open for your own cat’s collars, but if you’re renting and planning to move soon they’re probably not your ideal solution….

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