Let’s Pick Up The Story

Hunting around for a floppy on Friday night I came across an unlabelled blue disc.

Before formatting it I thought I’d better check the contents, and I’m glad I did. It contained a short story (18,000 words) I wrote in 1989. I thought I had long lost any electronice version and Marita posessed the sole hard copy. It was written on an old EPSON IBM XT clone (similar to this one), using Word Perfect 5.1, saved on to a 5 1/4″ floppy and would have been printed on a dot matrix printer; I loved being at the cutting edge of technology.

Marita claims it makes her laugh and rather generously calls it ‘derivative’. I say generous because I was obviously trying to channel the spirit of Douglas Adams almost a decade and a half before he passed away.

It’s a story of golf, wombats and celestial trivial pursuit. One day I may try to edit and post it somewhere. One day.

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  1. heh. Yeah, a lot of my writing from about that time (much of which I do have copies of) was VERY derivative. Not that I necessarily would have admitted it at the time.

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