Auction Action

High drama in Newport this afternoon.

The idiot neighbours from hell (see just about any post from the past few months) had their house up for auction today. It started well, if a little late, and bidding jumped along fairly quickly from 350K to 405K. One of the bidders seemed to be good friends with Idiot Neighbour #2‘s brother. The auction paused as the agents disappeared inside to ‘consult with the vendor’.

Back they came, already to sell if it reached the reserve. It got to 425k; the Friend of Idiot #2 and a new bidder locked in a dour battle. It bottomed out at $426,000 – the bid with New Bidder, FoI#2 not willing to go further.

The agent banged his rolled up contract, paused and announced he was going back inside.

The crowd waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Suddenly an agent underling appeared. He had a black bag; a big black bag. He began taking down the display contract. The agent then appeared, crowd holding it’s breath.

“Ladies and gentlemen this doesn’t happen often.”

All ears were pricked.

“It does say in the contract that the vendor can withdraw the property from sale. It’s very emotional in there and they have decided to keep the house and stay.”

By this time the the huge auction flag had been taken down, the big black bag filled and closed with the agents practically in their car, engine gunning, ready for a quick get away. New Bidder was left fuming with an underling talking to them.

Yep. They piked. They are now officially Auction Pikers and they seem to be here to stay.

The champagne we had purchased to celebrate their departure was drunk anyway to celebrate the entertainment but the party whistles that Daniel supplied were left in their bag.

We think they will probably sell privately in the next couple of weeks, most likely to Idiot Neighbour #2’s friend. Then again, maybe they are too attached to their bed to part with it.

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  1. who the hell would want to pay so much for a townhouse in a shithole westen suburb?? what a rip off.
    i don’t trust anyone from the wrong side of the brige, so not surprised that they pulled out!!

    anyone up for some car stereo installations and some burnouts?

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