Ho Hum

Trust us, you’re not half as sick of hearing about our neighbours as we are but this one shows a death defying twist of non-logic.

Rae has just been out to ask elder Neanderthal to turn down his Doof Doof music ’cause our 7 year old was trying to sleep. He grunted and left. Minutes later Mother (one from the Anthony Perkins school) knocked on our door. Apparently we had said something to her precious and didn’t give him a chance to respond. Rae told her again (speaking very-very slowly).

“That’s okay, I agree with that.” she drawled and shlomped off, glass of red sloshing in her hand as drops spilt on her moccasins.

So, not waking someone at 8.30pm is a fair and reasonable request.

Waking the same person at 5.30am is fair game.

Minds at work, great minds indeed.

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