Weekend In A Morning

In a spurt of energy, probably attributable solely to the glorious day, we’ve been up and about. A trip out to the Dandenong’s to buy some spreads and sauces, morning coffee and the paper in the sunshine, picked up the rocking chair Rae won on Ebay this week, sushi for lunch at the South Melbourne market and shopping for a barbie tonight (as well as some wickedly sinful raspberry bullets covered in white chocolate). Not bad seeing it’s only now 1.30, we can devote the rest of the day to drinking beer in the sun and talking about how we really should give the place a proper clean.

As for the rocking chair, Tom has already claimed it as his own.

The Chair King


The rest of the day involved eating the bullets, drinking beer, a nap on cotton sheets in the summerish sun, barbecued pork ribs, champagne and lying on the couch watching cop shows on the telly.

This, my friends, is the life.

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  1. I was in the Dandenongs today too, but was at a friend’s recording studio in The Patch, I did some guitar parts for another friend’s song which was being recorded in that studio.

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