Something odd, unusual, even unsettling, happened this morning and I’m feeling all off kilter; which is not good as like my Saturday mornings to be well and truly kiltered.

After having my hair cut I stopped at McDonalds to shout myself breakfast. No, that’s not the odd thing. Although these days it is rare, but I’m still a sucker for bacon and egg in a muffin.

Anyways…I actually went inside to get my breakfast. I waited in line a little, soon it was my turn and I placed my order.

Then it happened. .

The girl spoke to me. A trainee 15 year old Macc’s girl spoke.

She said “How was your night last night?”

I thought ‘hang on, that’s not in the script’. What’s more, she was standing there, all braces and smiles, seemingly waiting for an answer.

“Um, good.” I said, “We watched DVD’s.” and expected that to be the end.

“Oh, what did you watch?”

Now this was going too far. Who replaced this store with some alien McDonalds. The lass (did I just say lass? How old am I!?) on the next register by now had decided to joined in.

Harvey.” I said. They looked a little confused at this, probably running it by all the Vin Diesel and Ashton Kutcher films they had seen and coming up blank.

“1950, James Stewart. Giant imaginary rabbit.” I told them.

Still blank looks, although I must have aged about 30 years in their eyes if I’d been watching a film from that long ago. They moved to safer ground.

“Have you seen Finding Nemo?” my girl asked.

I think the other one said something about it being nasty.
Which I think means it is good.
Obviously I’m getting old.

By now they were chatting away about what ‘an excellent film’ it was and they passed me my orange juice with a smile. Yes – a smile. A real smile.

I ran out of that place so fast I would have been a blur.

Something is wrong at Yarraville McDonalds, you have been warned.

(Harvey – Buy @ Amazon | Finding Nemo – Buy @ Amazon)

4 Replies to “Unsettling”

  1. Can it possibly be that they have removed the McAndroids and replaced them with genuine McPeople, complete with actual McPersonalities?

  2. “harvey”is a fantastic movie, and makes an odd but brilliant double bill with “donnie darko”. something unsettling about these giant rabbits only certain people can see!

  3. I have never eaten at McDonalds in over eight months. I am now boycotting them because of all the evil things they have done, which you can read at http://www.mcspotlight.org. I was inspired by seeing a girl-with-guitar named Zara at Ruckers Bar when she wore a “McDeath” T-shirt and saying “I hate McDonalds!”. And did I tell you their food is terrible too!

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