Idea #1

Rae’s come up with an idea – while not hassling or annoying it’s going to be fun. The day they leave for good we’ll be sitting outside with a bottle of champagne watching them move, toasting each box as it’s loaded.


Even better – we’ll do it during the auction, cheer each bid! Feel free to join in – bring a deck chair and glass, we’ll supply the bubbly.

3 Replies to “Idea #1”

  1. I am SO there. Shall I bring my own deckchair?

    (If you want to disrupt the auction, hiring skinheads to hang around shouting Nazi slogans during the inspection days might be the way to go. Would risk no sale though.)

  2. Common question that one Vlado.

    The place will sell, no worries on that – great place, fantastic location. If we can just knock $5 off the price, or give them 2 seconds of aggravation for the six months of hell they’ve given us we’ll consider the debt settled.

    Besides, a sunny day, champagne and a free show – who could ask for more?

  3. Won’t all the deck chairs, champagne and cheering at the auction potentially discourage bidder… they might think that the neighbours are a bit rowdy and decide they don’t really want the house that much… this inturn will drive down the price, force it to be passed in and you’ll be stuck with the neighbours for a while longer.

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