Nightmare #1

I had my one and only recurring nightmare last night.

I was in high school, running late for maths. I kept all my books in my bag in secondary school – never once used my locker and on this day I had to get my book. I ran to the bags and there was a problem. Everybody had left their school bag out and no one had put their name on theirs; they all looked the same. I was frantically searching but couldn’t find my own, all the time knowing Mr Pilkington would be most disappointed in me.

Sure, it’s not Jack Nicholson smashing through the door with an axe, and I was fully clothed, but it’s a dream I have every now and then and for some reason it throws me for a couple of days afterwards. I think I know why I had it this time, but it’s still left me unsettled.

Most odd.

2 Replies to “Nightmare #1”

  1. i always have a recurring dream about high school in which it is graduation day and i realise that i forgot to attend a whole year’s of math classes! i am not sure what it means, but maybe it is just because i never did maths in upper school.

  2. I remember Mr Pilkington, he was my homeroom teacher in Year 11 in 1985. He was one of the handful of good teachers who were respected at NDC, unlike the majority of teachers who were hell bent on giving detentions left right and centre. Mr Pilkington was a great maths teacher, he had a great knowledge of the subject, he gave me a good reference when I left NDC, part of what he wrote can be found at

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