Goodbye 2003

Well, I’ve packed away the scarf, the Tiger thermos, the Tiger jacket, my special Tiger pen for marking the record, the Tiger bag for our bread rolls and my radio. Season 2003 has come and gone for us Tiger fans. One great game (vs Hawthorn in Round 5) and a run of losses seemingly without end, pretty much a mirror image of 2002. Now it’s time to let go for a little while, recharge the hope batteries and begin to look forward to 2004 when the slate is wiped clean and our boys have a chance to redeem themselves by staying healthy, kicking long, stop handballing at every opportunity and honouring the best lead regardless of it being Richo or not. Hope shall spring eternal once again come autumn next year.

For now it’s time to shift in to hockey mode, but before I do there’s a little housekeeping left.

Well done to the beautiful Miss Marita on her win in the footy tips. I’m not going to mention that I, me, myself was beaten in the tips by an Englishman who until this year had never seen a game. I think next year Nigel, Marita and Veronica will all be operating off a handicap.

And so ends 2003.

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  1. Woo Hoo! WHAT a tipper!
    And the prize is ….?
    C’mon, there’s gotta be a prize (used Tiger paraphernalia does not count!)

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