Warning – First Political Comment

I’ve refrained from any political or religious comment on my blog so far but this can’t be let go.

Gay marriage doesn’t help ‘survival of species’: Howard

“Prime Minister John Howard says he won’t support gay marriages because they do nothing to support the “survival of the species”. ”

Mr Howard, I guess this also means infertile women and men should not be allowed to marry. I also wonder about those who marry yet don’t have children. There surely must be something suss about them. Maybe we should implement a time line, say four years, and if there are no kids the marriage is automatically dissolved and new breeding partners must be sought. You could even set up a department to monitor all marriages; The Bureau About Babies Yet. I guess I can’t get married ’cause I view marriage as primarily an institution of support, commitment, respect and love. Shame, I think I make an okay father.

How can this man be the leader of our country? How? He may still be living in the 1950’s but there’s no need to drag the rest of us back with him.

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