Mark Walsh’s Day Off

Today was a great day. It rained non stop, it was bitterly cold, the wind blew arctic blasts across damp grey Melbourne and it didn’t matter one bit.

Mark was in town.

Mark, my best mate, long time friend and all round good guy is back in Australia for a week. He’s been teaching in the States for a year and is heading back for his second go round in a few days but today we caught up.

We went to Federation Square (in the rain), walked through Birrarung Marr (in the rain), had lunch at Automatic (in the rain), caught the train home (in the rain), had a later lunch at Vinegar Strokes (not in the rain, but it was raining outside), stood in the rain and watched the Doggies train (and got to see someone do his knee at training. Man those guys can swear), we watched the first season of The Office on DVD, all the time talking, catching up, filling each other in on a years worth of happenings.

There’s no mates like old mates, and I’ve no other mate like Mark.

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