Watering The ConcreteYou should know we think very little our neighbours by now.

Here’s another reason why.

Melbourne is in it’s 7th year of drought, about to go on to stage 2 water restrictions and our back neighbour is watering the concrete. Why? Because front neighbour mowed the lawns and couldn’t be bothered sweeping up.

Even under our current stage one restrictions paved areas can’t be washed under any circumstances except for fire and safety. The self-centredness of these people is beyond belief.

2 Replies to “Harping”

  1. I couldn’t resist. I called to ask them to send a pamphlet to her, which City West Water will do, and ‘the investigators’ will look in to it, which I didn’t ask for but am quietly chuffed about.

  2. Ooh, and evidence, too. Dob them in. Garn. You know you want to. My former neighbours left the garden sprinkler running sometimes… mis-adjusted of course, so a heap of water spilt out onto the footpath.

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