Save Tiggy

Tiggy - Endangered SpeciesNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tiggy is to become and endangered species!

From The Age this morning :

To launch the new promotional campaign at tomorrow night’s match against Collingwood, the club will roll out a new mascot …

This is an outrage! Tiggy must be saved – the most unique and charismatic mascot in the competition, loved by millions of kids (and me). He’s basically a scrawny guy or gal in an ill fitting cat suit but with so much personality he steals the mascot show. They had better not be replacing our icon with some pumped up stuffed muscle tiger – we Tiger fans will not stand for it.

Stand by Tiger fans (Jen, you still out there?) – the battle to save Tiggy will begin next week. I think I’ll take my cues from the Save Ferris campaign, any one got a spare water tower?

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  1. Hon, I think you should take a camera tonight and get a pic of this so-called mascot. Show it to the world and let them vote on who’s cuter.

    I obv. think it’ll be Tiggy!

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