Things You Learn From Rae When She Is Asleep

I learnt two things last night from Rae as she slept, and this knowledge is perhaps best passed on by reproducing the discussions.

1 – Monkeys Drive Taxis.

R : “Pay the taxi driver.”
A : “Sorry Hon?”
R : “Pay the taxi driver, pay the monkey.”

Apparently beach side resorts now employ monkeys to drive taxis. You have been warned.

2 – Witches Like Football

R : “Get the chairs off the roof.”
A : “Why?”
R : ” The football. So we can watch the football on the television.”
A : “Okay, I’ve got the chairs off the roof.”
R : “Good, ’cause the witches are here.”
A : “Why do the witches want to watch the football?”
R : “Because they have broomsticks.”

So, witches like watching football because they have broomsticks. You have been warned.

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