War Declared

Okay, war has been declared. The Car Boy is ignoring written requests from the landlord now so it’s time to get petty. If they want to treat us as ‘just renters’ then we shall act as ‘just renters’ and resort to using the ultimate Weapon Of Mass Pettiness – the garbage bin.

The bin is out on the nature strip (grass verge for our English reader) and there it shall stay until at least Saturday. Next week it stays until Sunday, and so on. The beauty of this absolutely ineffectual means of protest is that it only aggravates the front neighbour and leaves Marion, the back neighbour, untroubled. We’re not leaving the recycling bin out ’cause people nick those.

We’re open to suggestions of other petty lows to which we can stoop, you can see the comments link below so feel free to use it.

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  1. if he is up before six every morning common sense would suggest he goes to bed earlier than most. how loud can u be ??????????

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