It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

When I lived with Andrea in Kew there were two bad things about an otherwise lovely place. There was a neighbour called Marion who got on our goat (she was large, goat was small, no one was happy) and we had inconsiderate neighbours that started their hotted up car outside our window at ungodly hours.

Now life, as it does, has moved on and Rae and I are happily ensconced in Newport. We love our place except for two things. A neighbour called Marion and an inconsiderate neighbour who starts his hotted up car outside our window at ungodly hours. (See here and here)

We were lucky enough to have a chat with our land lord at the weekend when she was back home for her annual visit. She offered us the place for as long as we wanted it (she’s planning on living oversees for many years yet). We told her how much we would like to stay except for the major problem of being woken at 5.30 every weekday morning. She said she would have a chat to Mr-I’m-18-and-can-be-as-inconsiderate-as-I-like.

This morning we got to see how much respects he has for her. Not one, but two cars were started at 5.15 am. A letter has been written (tune in tonight if you want to read a copy). Action will be taken.

We’ll probably have to move but will make sure each prospective tenant is told what time they will be woken.

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  1. I hate being negative, but you probably won’t have any luck with the letter, it’s a shame as you all have such a lovely place to call home. However that said, wherever you call home will be lovely, not because of where it is, but that you are all there.

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