Me, International Radio Star

Listening to BBC 6 Music this evening when they mention a competition. Cool, I look it up and know the answer so dispatch off an email with my mobile number attached and forget about it.

Twenty minutes later as Rae and I are driving off to get Get Carter (buy at amazon | imdb) my mobile rings. Yep, it’s Phil Jupitis and I had won a CD! Not only that but they had a chat to me. So, if you were in London (or listening on the net) and wondered who the ‘nice bloke from Melbourne’ was – it was me. I’m chuffed, I even made ’em laugh.

So, what was the competition?

And why not try your hand at this week?s HOLLYWOOD PITCH:

Thirty words to sell your film in Hollywood, what?s this?

Lewis, Ed, Bobby and Drew flee the city for the backwaters of Georgia. But their adventure becomes the stuff of nightmares when circumstance and environment rail against them. Overpowering menace finally pushing them toward a bloody conclusion. The end.

Too easy.

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  1. Too easy! HA! As I was saying…some of us were blessed with all the wit! Congratulations! Can I have your autograph? 😀

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