Book Induced Insomnia

I am consumed by a book. I don’t want to sleep, work, play – all I want to do is read until it is finished.

No, it’s not the just released latest adventure of The Boy Wizard (buy at amazon) it’s a tome all together more dark. The Devil In The White City (buy at amazon) is an amazing true tale, set in 1890’s Chicago, of one mans passion to build the greatest exhibition the world has ever seen and another whose passions led him to build a human slaughterhouse in the dream city’s shadow.

Thanks to Rae driving and us spending a rainy day in Shepparton I’ve managed to read half of it. Now with work piling up and a busy week ahead it will be back to bed time reading only. Looks like I’ll be in bed come 8.30 for a little while, no calls please.

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