Reasons I Did Not Sleep Last Night

Girlfriend yelling and kicking in her sleep.
Cat waking up to the yelling and then meowing.
Other cat waking up and walking over bed.
Cats running through house.
Waiting to hear the idiot neighbour start his car. For two hours.
The idiot neighbour’s car alarm going ‘beep beep’.
The idiot neighbour’s car stereo going ‘doof doof doof’.
The idiot neighbour’s car going ‘grumble grumble grumble’ down the drive.
Child coughing, then practising her coughing to make sure she got it right.
Girlfriend huffing ’cause I woke her by yelling at coughing child.
The bloody radio going off.

I’ve had about five hours sleep and three hours huddling under the doona wishing sleep upon me whilst waiting for more noise.

I pity anyone who asks me to do anything for them today.

3 Replies to “Reasons I Did Not Sleep Last Night”

  1. Reasons I didn’t sleep last night:
    1. Memory of the evening’s CWA State conference concert too much. Lots of stout white-haired ladies singing at the top of their lungs. By the fourth hour, I’d decided it mght be a good way to get the ex-Iraqi officials to fess up on those weapons locations.

    2. Too much tennis-watching to try and dull the image of those scary women (my mum excluded of course).

    3. Neighbourhood cats gathering under our house for an early morning all-in brawl.

    Sometimes you just gotta give up.

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