New Dawn

It’s a revelation. Over 9 years of dial up, from the then lightning fast 14.4, though a brief flirtation with 28.8 up to 56k, ended last night when my ADSL kicked in (three days ahead of schedule, thank-you Telstra and Netspace) last night. The joy of not waiting for downloads and being able to talk on the phone and surf at the same time (even though I do it all day here at work) is wonderful. As god is my witness I shall never go dial up again!

It actually came in very handy last night as I tried to organise getting Mum, Dad and I up to Sydney to see Uncle Geoff. I could organise everyone and check flights at the same time. It seems Uncle Geoff will be going home soon so we’ve decided to head up as soon as he leaves respite care. It’s going to be tough on Dad, I’m not sure how I’d cope in his situation.

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