Bad Dreams

I had this dream.

I paid a lot of money to the pay tv people to watch my team play and they played and they lost and I was sad and Rae was sad for me too.

And I woke up.

And I realised I hadn’t been asleep.

Someone pass me my mantra please, “In Spud we trust, in Spud we trust, in Spud we trust…”.

2 Replies to “Bad Dreams”

  1. Hi Mieko,

    ‘In Spud We Trust’ is a joke – it’s a play on words.

    The coach of our team, Danny Frawley, once played for another football team and he had the nickname ‘Spud’.

    There is a saying many people use when in difficult situations and are in need of inspiration or support, “In God We Trust”.

    The Tigers had a bad year last year and want to do a lot better this year so the supporters have adopted the motto “In Spud We Trust”.

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