The Piano Fell

The piano well and truly fell this week.

Rae’s grandmother passed away, which was sad but Rae barely knew her, a couple of meetings in 31 years I think, so it was sad in an odd, detached sort of way.

Then today Oscar, our little kitten who disappeared on Tuesday, was found. She’d been hit by a car. Poor Rae, it’s her day off and now she is spending the afternoon burying Oz in the back yard under the flower bed that the kitten loved to dig up.

Think I’ll just go home. Back tomorrow.

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  1. o sorry to hear that dear little Oscar was hit by a car, just know how said you must be, We didn’t get to know him but he was such a lovely little cat, try not to be too sad, now Thomas will be lonely I guess, but he won’t mind getting all the attention.

    I didn’t envy Rae having the job of burying him – what a dreadful day for Rae.

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