Beware Of Falling Pianos

I’m walking around looking up a lot today ’cause I’m sure that a big fat baby grand is going to come screeching down on top of me any second.

Firstly – we’ve got the TV. It’s waiting in the back of Rae’s station waggon for me to get home and help lug it in. (One hour 55 minutes plus travelling time to go).

Secondly – the world’s most inefficient real estate agents, take a bow Barlow McEwan & Tribe – Newport, have just called to let us know that our lease has been extended for another 12 months – great news ’cause now I can finally get broadband connected at home.

Life has taught me that when things are humming along this nicely you should always keep an eye out for falling pianos. So, I’m happy but dare not look down.

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