Sport Sport Sport

Today is ‘P’ day – playoffs start for my beloved Canucks and, assuming they keep on winning, they will keep on going until June.

Play starts at 12.30pm here so I’ve cleared my schedule and am locking myself in the office to listen to the game live on CKNW. If you’re sitting around listening to your office mates prattle on about the weather tune in – you may have no idea what’s going on but it’s as entertaining as anything you’ll ever hear. John and Tom are hockey commentators without peer.

And the new Tiger’s ad, for the game against the Dockers, should be up later on today.

And the Aussies are going to win the first test against the Windies.

So. Carn the Tiges! Go Nucks! Come Aussie, Come On!

and that’s all from the armchair.

2 Replies to “Sport Sport Sport”

  1. Those ads – ho-hum… Bored now… I think they need to update them already.

    Then again, I may be just perturbed they were shouting at poor little defenceless Bulldogs last week… (yes, this is a dig at my team’s backline on Sunday – totally defenceless!)

  2. The armchair is the best place to partake of sports. It’s the Australian way!

    I saw the new ad for the Tiges last night – tres amusant. 🙂

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