Here’s Looking At You

Optometrist appointment this afternoon. It’s all very swish, located in Collins Place with a designer fit out and every gadget under the sun but they don’t have a website I can link to. David, my great optometrist, took a photo of the inside of my eye. I asked if I could have a copy for my blog (the things I do to entertain you people, honestly) and he looked at me oddly. I guess he had no idea what a blog was but the question was pointless – their network ain’t on the net and he had no idea how to save it.

Upshot after sitting in the chair for half an hour trying to decide if the circle was ‘better’ in option 1 or 2 (I like to throw in the occasional ‘can’t tell’ just to keep him on his toes) is that I need new lenses for my specs. Wonderful; they are so specialised they have to be ordered from Japan.

Sigh, I’m not sure which parent to blame this on – they both have dodgy eyes so I’ll split the difference. Thanks Mum and Dad.

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  1. I think it may have been your dodgy birth that did it. Hope all goes well. Love Mum

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