3 Replies to “I’m Begging”

  1. Yeah, I had a few books… a lot of magazines, and at one stage, a lot of video tapes. The videos have long since been taped over, the books and mags mostly sold in the 90s when I got tired of them.

    The DVDs, especially the later ones, have some terrific extras on them, and the restoration of the material is great.

    (I meant DW stories that aren’t too violent/scary. Not those of my two kids that aren’t too violent/scary…)

  2. I’ve not let myself start buying the DVD’s. I learnt my lesson as a youngster when I collected the entire set of Dr Who books – and that’s a lot of childhood pocket money.

    Your children will thankyou in years to come.

  3. I’ve just started getting my kids into Doctor Who… well, at least the ones that aren’t too violent/scary. They spent the weekend watching the Carnival Of Monsters DVD, and have started building TARDISes out of Lego.

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