A List

To Do Tonight :

ARA Site:

  • download updated pages
  • update other pages
  • create user login system
  • post site to new server
  • send connection key to editors

BYS Site :

  • rename index
  • construct archive pages
  • construct edit archive pages
  • link edit results page in admin section


  • send hosting invoice
  • update logo
  • update images

ICE Site :

  • get through 20 outstanding emails, all with updates
  • construct login section


  • arrange hosting
  • invoice for hosting and domain name


  • buy food
  • cook dinner
  • list old Pet Shop Boys CD on Ebay
  • write letters to Mark and Sue
  • sort out Nigel’s links
  • spend time with Rae and Phee
  • make amends to Rae for being grumpy
  • watch Law and Order
  • pat the cats

3 Replies to “A List”

  1. Hey, guess what our baby’s going to be called if it’s a lass? And, no, it’s not really Chlamydia. It’s Phoebe.

  2. Didn’t you say that you’d clean out the gutters tonight? And what about painting the bathroom and cleaning out the pantry? I’m sure you said you’d get onto those tonight.

    Ha ha… no wonder you are grumpy with me.

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