Gordon Gekko Is Alive And Well And He Smells

The 80’s are alive and well and Gordon Gekko has moved in to the body of my office mate. For the past few days he has been sitting on the ComSec site monitoring the rise and fall of his selected stocks in excruciating detail. He prints graphs, he’s taken to reading the business section of The Age, he watches the buy/sell numbers like a hawk. In short, he’s obsessed.

The best bit, however, is when he gets on the phone to his elderly mother and offers advice or gloats on the $500 he just made. She’s as deaf as a piece of 4 by 2 and he has to repeat everything at an ever increasing volume. Today though came the crowning glory. He refused to say the name of the stock he was talking about; obviously I can not be trusted with such delicate information.

All this wheeling and dealing still doesn’t cover up his b.o. It seems the wanna-be nouveau riche still smell.

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