Mousey, Mousey, Here Mousey

I’ve succumbed to peer pressure. From a 6 year old.

We were shopping the other day when Phee ran up to me. “Dad, come quick. I have to show you something.” She had caught sight of an optical mouse that glowed red. She picked it up and turned it over, mesmerised. “This is cool Dad.”

I tried to tell her that a tablet would be cooler but she was having none of that and ran off to find her mum to drag her back for a look.

So yesterday, in a concession to my aching wrist, I lashed out and bought a brand new optical mouse – one that glows. This morning I drag her out bed and in to the office. “Look Phee, a cool mouse.”

She picks it, smiles, turns it over and then turns to Rae’s computer, the one she will be allowed to use once I get her games installed.

“No Phee, you’re not getting one.”

It seems a glow in the dark cool mouse is only cool if you get to have one. She turned away and headed straight back to bed.

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