Rae’s Rebuttal

Question of the day – Is Grace for real? (See previous entry)

I say it’s too consistently scary to be false, Rae says she’s a fake and here’s the evidence from the Cast Away (imdb | buy at amazon | netflix) review. (Comments by Rae in brackets)

The film starts off with Hanks in an aeroplane on Christmas Eve. He is drunk, [NO] and is angry with the pilots [NO] because they don’t believe in the heretic Father Christmas [NO! (ridiculous laughter)]. In his anger, he seizes control of the plane and crashes it into the sea [NO], killing everyone except for himself [YES, but is not his fault ? plane enters bad storm and is crashed by accident)]. Hanks spends three days floating on a seat cushion, blaming God and cursing Jesus for something that demons inside him had caused [NO ? he?s just floating ? she may have imagined his thoughts, but they aren?t put out there in a monologue type bit]

Eventually, he is washed up on a desert island. The only things that float ashore from the plane crash are a crate of whiskey [She may be right here, but he doesn?t sit and get pissed on it ? I can?t remember this to be honest], which he immediately begins to drink, and a large packing case of un-Godly reading material [NO]. After viewing this material he is overcome with demonic lust [NO] and takes off all of his clothes [NO] and tears them to shreds [NO]. He then begins to screech like an ape [NO] and walk around on all fours [NO]. Within seconds, he is thrusting his pelvis into the sand [NO] and screaming his wife’s name [NO] – most revolting, not to mention dangerous. My son once found a disgusting used item on Brighton beach and, being young, picked it up and began to chew it in his mouth. This film actively encourages this sort of sinful and revolting thing, along with masturbation. [NO]

As the months go by, we are shown countless scenes of graphic self-pleasure [NONE AT ALL!]. Early on, Hanks eats a psychotropic plant and his left hand “turns into his wife’s head” [NO]. He treats it as such, in every way imaginable for the rest of the film [NO and this is where you know she?s joking. It?s just too unreal]. We see towards the end, that this is the director’s intent. It appears to be the underlying “theme” in this piece of secular rubbish. In the end, he gets off the island and is reunited with his wife [NO ? she?s living with someone else].

He also creates a demon to keep him company by drawing a face on a basketball [NO volleyball ? but easy mistake], against all Christian teaching “Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.” Lev.26 [1] – is it any wonder he was not saved? [And it?s not a demon ? it?s a ?friend? that he chats with ? it keeps him sane. It?s not an idol in the sense of that word.]

The last thing we see is Tom Hanks licking his hand. He moves it down his chest, and his eyes roll back in implied “ecstasy.” It then flashes to Hanks in bed next to his wife. She is crying because Hanks is possessed by demons, even as he sleeps. At first I was appalled by the graphic depiction of self-pleasure, but, on reflection, it does teach a valuable lesson about the inherent dangers of self-pleasure. [NO ? oh puh-lease! This is such a joke.]

So, what do you think?

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  1. Apologies to anyone who’s not seen the film and didn’t want to know that his wife had moved on by the time he was rescued and brought home.

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