On The Agenda

There was a great article in The Age today on Australian Drive In’s.

The one and only time I’ve been to a drive-in was as a kid when my sister Judy took Helen and I to see Raiders Of The Lost Ark (imdb | buy at amazon) at The Twilight in Shepparton and I loved it. It rained, but that didn’t matter, Jude sent Tony to get chocolates and not only did I get to stay up late but I also got to watch a cool film in my pyjamas. It was kid nirvana.

We’ve always said we should take Phee and this is the spur I’ve needed, so over the next couple of weeks while it’s still summer we’re packing the car and heading off. Anybody want to cram in the boot?

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  1. The Boot? No Thanks the way you two lovebirds have been lately I would probably have to put up with the “snogging” that you just have to do when you take a girlie to the drive- in ohhhh Pass!!

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