Canadians Win Some, Lose Some

First, the win some. My beloved Canucks staged a once-in-a-season comeback yesterday. Trailing 0-3 with fifteens minutes to play Naslund scored the tie with 30 seconds left. I jumped out of my chair in the office, screaming like a mad man. If you’ve got nothing better to do (and lets face it, if you’re reading my blog you really haven’t, be honest now) check out the final period on CKNW (skip the first 15 minutes, it’s just the break between 2nd and 3rd periods). You can then go and hear the O/T where we score the winning goal. It was one of those amazing games, the sort you listen to 80 in a season to find.

Now for the lose some.

Canada were bundled out for a world record low of 36 by Sri Lanka in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Ouch.

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