Boxers and Birthdays

One of the new boxersI bit the bullet. I’ve purchased some new boxers (well, Rae got them for me) and new socks.

I would go for the new shoes but this week is a double whammy – Rae’s birthday and then three days later Valentines Day. I’m not impressed with her parents timing here and next time I see Zita there will be words.

On the positive side of the ledger I did get the contract for the Mercure Melbourne web site. This was once the Sheraton Hotel and it was here we would stop for lunch on the way to our holidays in Edithvale. One time we stayed there a night and went to the football the next day – complete with a box of chicken sandwiches from the kitchen. Man those sandwiches must’ve been good if I can remember them over twenty years later. I think the game was Richmond v Carlton.

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