Things I Learnt On My Trip To Wagga Wagga

Always check the playground for dead kittens before you let your 6 year old play on it.
It’s never too early for a child to develop an irrational fear about missing a train.
Bring a discman – 6 year olds can ask a lot of questions on a four hour train trip.
Don’t drink the coffee on the XPT.
The further away from civilisation you get, the hotter it gets. Hell, therefore, must be just below Alice Springs. Or it could be Alice Springs.
You can make a country town look big by stretching the main street to run forever.
6 year olds don’t like to sit in caf?s and read the paper.
No one is yet to make an avocado paste that tastes anything like an avocado.
Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurants are no closer to achieving the paste/taste solution than anyone else.
As long expected you can’t get good coffee outside of Melbourne.
NSW roads are terrible.
It’s not good for me to be away from a computer for so long. I get anxious (and a lot of spam).
Walla Walla is the Rome of Australia. For 100 k’s we saw signs pointing to Walla Walla – it seems all roads lead there. One day I will hopefully see both.
Nothing is better than the smile of someone you love.
No bed beats your own bed.

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