Rae and I watched ‘The Perfect Storm’ last night. A good movie that didn’t need its extended build – the story is compelling enough without labouring over women left behind and minor tensions in the crew. The last half – the storm – is a visual feast. They even used the waves for Star Wars Episode 2.

Anyways, watching these fishermen doing their stuff got me to thinking about the complete absence of ‘work’ from my work. These men were battling the elements (and the fish), standing firm in the face of gales, heaving ho under the sun and generally working up a sweat of the highest order.

Me? I shovel pixels from place to place.

“Hey Honey I’m home. You should’ve seen me today – I lugged a 1.1 meg pdf from the network to my local drive. Also shrank that 45k jpg to 13.5k with no discernible quality loss. Pass me a beer, I’ve earned it.”

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