What I Will Be Reading Next

I’ve finished both Banvard’s Folly and Catch Me If You Can (I read it so I can say ‘The book’s better than the film.’) and Gotham is too huge to read in one sitting so I had to go book shopping today.

I went prowling through Books In Print looking for a buy to spend a new voucher on. Even though I was a little distracted by the painting (there is the most ghastly shade of duck-egg blue appearing on the walls and I’m praying like mad it’s just an undercoat) I found Do Not Pass Go – an exploration of London using the Monopoly board. I may never have been to London but I’ve played enough games of Monopoly to think I’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Did the most amazing pub crawl in London called the “Monopoly Board Pub Tour of London”. The trick is that by the time you get to The Strand, you’re legless after five pints of Guinness….. It’s interesting. It starts at Mayfair and ends at Old Kent Road. I can only assume it’s because participants being a little “untidy” at the end is less likely to cause a stir in the wrong end of town…………

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