Introducing Oscar

Jasmine called Rae yesterday. She’d found a kitten stuck down a drain pipe. Would we like to come look at him? Bit of a dead give away as to what you’ve already decided when you take the cat box with you as you leave. So now we have Oscar. He’s tiny, we have no idea of gender or age and he meows louder than Tom. If you want to see a bigger pic just click the one to the left.

Speaking of Tom, he’s made a complete recovery and seems decidedly nonplussed by the new arrival. No doubt that will change when they start mingling and deciding who gets to sit on which human’s lap.

2 Replies to “Introducing Oscar”

  1. Would you please refer to your cat as Thomas it is very strange reading about my sons recovery and I did not know he was sick !!!!

  2. Isn’t he the cutest, no wonder you couldn’t resist him, glad Thomas hasn’t got his nose out of joint. Now you have double trouble.

    Liked your caption on the one with him sitting on your shoulder!!

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