It’s A Tough Way To Earn A Living

I’ve just earned my last 16 hours of pay staring at naked breasts. Being a card carrying red blooded heterosexual male I never thought I’d say this but I’ve had enough and I never want to hear the word ‘nipple’ again.

No I’ve not become a reviewer of porn films, my latest project has nothing to do with web sites – I’m digitising all of a maternity department’s educational videos. Instead of the current method of putting a video in whenever a nurse gets a chance and then running around to tell all the patients I’m hooking up a PC to the television network and the videos will screen at scheduled times around the clock.

The tech side is lotsa fun but I know a hell of a lot more about breast feeding and nipple soreness than any man should.

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  1. oh good I need some advice actually. Tom will not feed of the left…………… Oops forgot your my brother never mind I will phone the breastfeeding support line

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