Conversation With The Dead (Tired)

Time : Last Night
Place : Bed

Scene : Tony is lying in bed, Rae is fast asleep. Suddenly Rae speaks.

Rae : “Have you made up your mind?”
Tony : “About what?”
R “The colour.”
T “What colour?”
R “Pink or white.”
T “Ah, white.”
R “That’s good.”


T “The colour for what?”
R “The elephant. We can only fit one in the house.”


T “What about Thomas.”
R “He’s a clever cat. He can cope.”


R “We need him to catch the mice.” (The mice we’ve never seen)
T “What’s the elephant’s name?”
R “I don’t know.”

Two minute pause.

R “Gerald. We will call him Gerald”

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  1. But I’m sure I would have preferred a pink on (As if this conversation actually took place – I ain’t that nuts… yet)

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