24 Hours In Melbourne

It’s the last weekend of my Christmas break, this time tomorrow I’ll be back in the dungeon paying for my crimes. So, how do you see out a good holiday weekend?

Start with a movie. Just you, your gal and a thousand or so other people stretched out under the stars, sipping a good bottle of red, enjoying a picnic and watching Amelie on a huge screen in Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. Just a hint – book your tickets early. The line to purchase tickets was over 500 metres. Also, bring a doona, pillows or bean bags as it’s rough on your arms without them, and don’t plan on catching the train home – the movie will finish later than you think.

The next morning (after carefully arranging your child to be kidnapped by a convenient grandmother) have breakfast in Yarraville before heading in to the city to have a browse through the Immigration Museum. While looking through the ‘Journey‘ section I met a woman who explained how her she had once sailed in just such a ship. She went on to explain that her Grandfather had immigrated to Australia and his work, he was a glass painter, was now on the national register. Her other grand father had been born in India in 1798, travelled back to England and then settled in Australia. It’s hard to imagine the amount of time he would’ve spent travelling and the sights he would have seen.

Vinegar StrokesAfter all of this go to Vinegar Strokes for lunch. Such a stupid name but a great place. Plonk yourself down in a chair, Gary will be over before too long to see what you want. If it’s not on the menu, just ask and they’ll make you pretty much whatever you feel like. The burgers are to die for (egg perfect, bacon just right and big patties) and coffee is getting consistently good. I’ve only ever had two places I liked and felt as much at home in as this place – the long lost and much missed Hombre Caf? and Caf? Vamp. Strokes, though, may yet come to be number one.

Now it’s time to lay back, watch England win their first test for the summer and try not to think of the alarm going off tomorrow morning. Now, where’d I put that beer?

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  1. I was in Melbourne on the weekend and we wanted to go to the Moonlight Cinema (you can never see Amelie too many times) but we didn’t have any gear… though I guess we could have nicked some pillows from the hotel 🙂

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