Book Obsession Builds

On the weekend it struck me that I wanted to read Fast Food Nation. So whilst in Yarraville yesterday I popped in to the Sun Bookshop. They didn’t have a copy.

“Never-mind,” I thought ” I’ll try Books In Print on Monday. It’s not that important.”

Books In Print let me down. (I really want that book now.)

So did Jefferies. (I must have that book TODAY!)

So did Dymocks. (Now there is nothing more important in this world now than finding a copy of this bloody book. NOTHING.)

However, I am willing to wait a few days if some kind benefactor wishes to come to my aid. But only a few.

Stop Press

I found it! Collins at Altona Gate had it so I now have it. If you’re feeling magnanimous though I still have a book on my wish list.

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