It’s Christmas. Know how I can tell? It’s getting hot? Phee won’t stop talking about Santa? Nope. I know ’cause Bing Crosby is singing to me.

When I was but a lad Dad always seemed to be playing Merry Christmas, a collection of Chrissy songs crooned by the one and only Bing Crosby. Whenever I hear Bing singing any of these songs, but especially Christmas In Killarny, Mele Kalkimaki and It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas I’m taken back to Blamey St with the old 33rpm spinning and memories of wondering what Lego Santa was going to bring me.

Bing Says Party HardToday I heard Mele Kalikimaka on the audio at work and thought ‘I have to have a copy of that CD’. A quick trip to the shops and I now have it playing on my PC. Dad probably won’t believe it when he reads this but it’s true. Christmas ain’t Christmas without Bing, and it’s all thanks to you Dad.

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  1. Yes, son, Bing is Christmas, I think he must have been one of the three Wise men, I too will never forget those wonderful old 33’s Apart from Bing, one of my great favorites, and still is, “Loretta Young’s Littlest Angel”, I suppose nobody ever thought to put it on CD, its a real lump in the throat classic, Do you remember it.”Phoebe & Rae would love it. Love Mum and Dad

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