As far as I know I have never hurt, killed, maimed or even looked crossly at anyone at Australia Post so I’m at a loss to explain what’s going on.

There was an incident earlier this year where they refused to deliver my mail to the PO Box because I hadn’t paid. This is despite the fact I had a receipt, signed by them, to show that I had. That incident took two visits and a phone call to sort out and now they are playing silly buggers again.

Two weeks ago I put a redirect on the PO Box to here to save me some travel(it’s an hour round trip to collect). Last Friday I realised that I hadn’t received any mail at all. I called them today and despite the fact there is a sticker on the sorter’s side saying ‘redirect’ they were continuing to put my mail in the box.

Why sorters? Why? Just let me know what it is I have done and shall attempt to make amends. Anyway, your game is up now – ‘they’ are going to seal up the box and surely you wouldn’t stoop so low as to just throw it away.


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