This & That But Mainly Hockey

Captain CourageousThe meeting went well last night. They all think I am a genius – just goes to show how easily people can be fooled.

This morning I checked the sport section of The Age and what do I find on page 4, upper left corner? A picture of Tod Bertuzzi and a one paragraph write up of my Canucks win over The Rangers. To live in a city of four million people that boasts just two dilapidated ice rinks and find a story on hockey, with a picture, and on my team was a great surprise. Good start to a week.

To keep the Canadian thing going I heard from Jen last night – my Vancouver friend. It was she who started my whole hockey craze when I went to visit way back in December 1999. I hadn’t heard from her in ages so this message was a welcome bolt from the blue.

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  1. Couldn’t find your piece in The Age? Could you send it on?

    I was checking the property pages in Melbourne yesterday. Sorely tempted…

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