Gee Gee Holiday

I love living in Melbourne – no where else on earth do they do what we do here the first Tuesday in November. We declare a public holiday for a horse race. Yep, tomorrow is the 142nd Melbourne Cup and at 3.20pm you could fire the largest cannon you could find down any street in Melbourne and you will hit nothing and no one.

If you’ve never been in this fair city for Cup Day then you must try – over 100,000 people will be at Flemington tomorrow (ten minutes drive from here) and everyone else will be having a barbie and crowding around the telly. It’s the one day of the year everyone places a bet, and best of all tomorrow will be Phee’s first punt. Cup Day makes up 100% of my annual gambling expenditure. $15 will never make me rich, but you’ve got to bet on the Cup.

A BBQ, a bet and introducing my gal to the evils of gambling. Who could ask for more?

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