Trip Back To The 80’s For Only $5

Oh wow. For $5 I’ve been taken back to my teens. This morning a caf? in Yarraville was having a garage sale. Bargain number 1 was a proper footy for $2.00 but the real bargain was a mint condition Donkey Kong for only $5.00.

I am still hopelessly uncoordinated and will never set the high score but for regression value it was $5.00 well spent. Now, if only I could track down an Acorn Electron I’d be in heaven.

2 Replies to “Trip Back To The 80’s For Only $5”

  1. Don’t ask me why I’m reading this entry so many months after you wrote it, but I still have my BBC model B. Hasn’t been turned on in a couple of years, but I can’t quite bring myself to part with it.

  2. After tinkering… 3 games later and I’ve practically clocked it! Obviously I had a misspent youth

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