PC Highs and Lows

Well I know you are all on the edge of your seats wanting to know about my new PC. I must say it is beautiful; fast, powerful, lovely to look at and full of wonderful features. Everything a middle age man could want in sports car. (I wonder if this a geek’s version of an almost midlife crisis?)


My modem doesn’t work. I’m still saving up for a modem to get a permanent connection which will solve all my problems but until then it looks like I’m stuck at 36kbs. And that’s slow.

My printer may not work. I haven’t plugged it in yet to test it and the workaround seems a little tricky, not the least because most of it seems to be in German.

Personal Web Server is not included either (you need to purchase the ‘Professional‘ edition of XP for that). There’s a workaround for this too and thankfully this ones all in English.

So, a home network to set up (we’re keeping my old PC for Rae to use in her studies), all my files to copy over and two workarounds to implement. There goes my weekend.

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