Melbourne Zoo

Phee At The Zoo

Well, the zoo went well. I have learnt that six year olds have an unhealthy fascination with monkey poo – every stop on the monkey boardwalk involved some new question about its origins, their abilities and methods of disposal. This was only topped when we were viewing a tiger pacing centimetres away on the other side of a glass wall. My little girl pipes up “Dad, it looks like a real tiger”. I was so proud of the surrounding crowd – not one person laughed.

Phee and the Tiger

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  1. Just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that you have a reader from Canada… who is also a blogger… who is also a Malloy.

    It’s a small world… great site.

  2. I nearly wet my pants laughing at the nit story. I think we will match Tom and Candice up what a cute couple.

  3. My six-year-old has just got hair nits again. We treated them tonight, and she wouldn’t stop crying. I was worried about this, and asked her what the problem was. Inbetween sobs, she blurted, “You’ve killed my pets!”

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